Hammock Chairs

A hammock chair is an excellent substitute for a traditional hammock.

Not only does a hammock chair more easily enable you to sit upright while enjoying much the same comfort and relaxation of a traditional hammock, but they also take up less space.

This makes a hammock chair the perfect new addition to your patio, garden, or other outdoor space. Buy two or more and place them near your outdoor fireplace, throw up some backyard string lights, and soak up the good vibes.

Here are our picks for the top 3 best hammock chairs in 2021:

Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

This comfortable, stylish hammock swing is perfect for hanging out in your backyard or living room.

It boasts a structured chair shape that’s very comfortable for long periods of time. This is an excellent hammock chair for reading, watching TV, studying, or just chatting with friends.

The sturdy cotton and polyester fabric is durable, weather resistant, and washable. Although a wooden spreader bar is included, all hanging hardware is sold separately.

Caribbean Hammock Chair

This handcrafted hammock chair from Lazy Days is most notable for its incredible overall comfort.

Sit in the woven cotton ropes and sink in. Relaxation is imminent. Although not as structured as the Sorbus chair, this Caribbean-style hammock chair is arguably better for lounging back and relaxing in.

It comes with a stylish spreader bar that further increases comfort without sacrificing looks. Hanging hardware is not included.

Outdoors Mayan Hammock Chair

Another stylish hammock chair, this one from Krazy Outdoors, the Mayan model also features an unstructured woven rope design hung from a wooden spreader bar.

The traditional Mayan rope style offers time-tested comfort. There’s plenty of room to stretch or spread out into your preferred lounging position.

The loop-end top makes this hammock chair extremely versatile. Hang it from just about anywhere – including a stand or the ceiling. It’s lightweight and very portable so you can move it from the indoors to the outdoors and back with ease.